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Seadan is celebrating it's 30th year.


Electric Locking Solutions

To ensure the optimum security for homes and buildings, choose from Seadan’s comprehensive selection of security electric locking solutions, latches, magnetic locks and drop bolts. We only distribute leading brands of electric locks and electric locking solutions which guarantee superior quality and designed to suit every installation frame.

We distribute FSH, Padde, Lockwood, EFF, EDH, Abloy, BQT, Tormax, CISA and Detex electric locking solutions, some of our high quality brands by leading manufacturers in the electronic locking industry. Select from multi-functional locks and strikes and fully monitored or electric locking systems for maximum intruder security.

As one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable electric locking equipment and solutions wholesale companies, Seadan Security offers the highest level of support and service to customers with unparallelled technical knowledge and expediency.

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